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When several alleles are shown, the nucleotide mutations and amino acid changes for a given codon are indicated in red letters. These polymorphic mutations are reported in Tables of alleles.
Dashes indicate identical nucleotides. Dots indicate gaps according to the IMGT unique numbering. Blanks indicate partial sequences (blanks at the 5' and/or 3' end).

Clicking on the allele name gives access to the IMGT/GENE-DB.
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                                                      5'->3'                       3'<-5'
                                                (direct orientation)         (inverted orientation)
                                                1        10                  1        10   
                                                |........|....               |........|....

                                                 E  L  G  G                   A  P  P  S    
                                                  N  S  V  G                   P  H  R  V   
                                                   T  R  W  G                   P  T  E  F  
  KT723008     IGHD9-1*01 F   D-REGION gDNA     gaactcggtggggc               gccccaccgagttc
  NW_001494075 IGHD9-1*01 F   D-REGION gDNA     --------------               --------------
  AY149283     IGHD9-1*02 ORF D-REGION gDNA (1) --------------               --------------

This alignment of allele is generated by IMGT/OutilAllele (Patrice Duroux and Mehdi Yousfi).

IMGT notes:
  1. (1) The IGHD9-1 gene from AY149283 has a D-REGION identical to IGHD9-1*01 however its 3'D-HEPTAMER (cacaaaa) is different from the 3'D-HEPTAMER (cacagag) from KT723008, leading to a different functionality (ORF instead of functional (F)), for that reason the sequence from AY149283 was assigned to IGHD9-1*02.
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