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When several alleles are shown, the nucleotide mutations and amino acid changes for a given codon are indicated in red letters. These polymorphic mutations are reported in Tables of alleles.
Dashes indicate identical nucleotides. Dots indicate gaps according to the IMGT unique numbering. Blanks indicate partial sequences (blanks at the 5' and/or 3' end).

Clicking on the allele name gives access to the IMGT/GENE-DB.
Clicking on the accession number gives access to the IMGT/LIGM-DB.

                                                N   N   N   A   G   N   R   L   T   F   G   G   G   T   R   L   M   V   K   P
  IMGT000004 TRAJ39*01 F J-REGION gDNA      tg aat aat aat gca ggc aac agg ctc aca ttt gga ggg gga aca agg tta atg gtc aaa ccc a

This alignment of allele is generated by IMGT/OutilAllele (Patrice Duroux, Mehdi Yousfi and Perrine Pégorier).

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