Table of alleles: Rhesus monkey (Macaca mulatta)IGHC

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Rhesus Monkey (Macaca mulatta) IGHC

gene name
Exons Fct IGHC
allele name
Accession numbers Confirmed
and or
Description of mutations
IGHA CH1 F IGHA*01 AY039245   a2  ,a3  ,K1  |g23  ,S8  |g28  ,a29  ,g30  ,E10  |g31  ,G11  |c54  |g61  ,V21  |a103  ,K35  |c132  |g134.2  ,G45.2  |c231  |g252  ,R84  |c252.4  |g252.5  |a255  |a276  |t279  |g280  ,A94  |g296  ,c297  ,S99|c327  |c343  ,P115  |a348  ,R116  |c359  ,t360  ,A120  |t360  |c369  ,C123  |
F IGHA*02 AY039246   a2>g,K1>R|                                                                     |a103>g,K35>E|                                                                                                                 |c327>t|                           |c359>g,A120>G|
F IGHA*03 AY039247   a2>g,K1>R|               |g28>t,a29>g,g30>c,E10>C|g31>a,G11>S|c54>t|g61>a,V21>I|a103>g,K35>E|                                                             |a255>g|                                                                 |a348>c,R116>S|                    
F IGHA*04 AY039248   a2>g,K1>R|g23>a,S8>N|    |g28>t,a29>g,g30>c,E10>C|g31>a,G11>S|                 |a103>g,K35>E|c132>t|                       |g252>c,R84>S|c252.4>t|g252.5>c|a255>g|a276>g|t279>c|                                                   |a348>c,R116>S|                    
F IGHA*05 AY039249   a2>g,K1>R|g23>a,S8>N|    |g28>t,a29>g,g30>c,E10>C|g31>a,G11>S|                 |a103>g,K35>E|c132>t|g134.2>a,G45.2>D|c231>t|g252>c,R84>S|c252.4>t|g252.5>c|a255>g|a276>g|t279>c|                                                   |a348>c,R116>S|                    
F IGHA*06 AY039250   a2>g,K1>R|                                                                     |a103>g,K35>E|                                                             |a255>g|                                            |c327>t|                           |c359>g,A120>G|
F IGHA*07 AY039251   a2>g,K1>R|                                                                     |a103>g,K35>E|                              |g252>c,R84>S|                 |a255>g|                                                   |c343>g,P115>A|                                  
F IGHA*08 AY039252   a2>g,K1>R|                                                                     |a103>g,K35>E|                              |g252>c,R84>S|                 |a255>g|                                                   |c343>g,P115>A|                                  
F IGHA*09 AB013768                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
F IGHA*10 AB013769                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
F IGHA*11 AB013767                                                                                                                                                                                                                             |t360>c
(F) IGHA*14 AY294614   a2>g,a3>c,K1>S|g23>a,S8>N|g28>t,a29>g,g30>c,E10>C|                             |a103>g,K35>E|c132>t|g134.2>a,G45.2>D|c231>t|g252>c,R84>S|c252.4>t|g252.5>c|a255>g|a276>g|t279>c|                                                   |a348>c,R116>S                                                                                                 
(F) IGHA*15 AY294616                                                                                                                              |g252>c,R84>S|                 |a255>g|                          |g296>c,c297>a,S99>T|                  |a348>c,R116>S|          
(F) IGHA*16 AY294617                                                                                                                              |g252>c,R84>S|                 |a255>g|a276>g|t279>c|g280>a,A94>T|g296>c,c297>a,S99>T|                  |a348>c,R116>S|                                
(F) IGHA*17 AY294618      
(F) IGHA*18 AY294620                                                                                                                              |g252>c,R84>S|c252.4>t|g252.5>c|a255>g|a276>g|t279>c|                                                   |a348>c,R116>S|                           |c369>n,C123>X
(F) IGHA*19 AY294621                                                                                                                              |g252>c,R84>S|                 |a255>g|a276>g|t279>c|                                                   |a348>c,R116>S|    
(F) IGHA*20 AY294623                                                                                                                              |g252>c,R84>S|c252.4>t|g252.5>c|a255>g|                                                                                
H F IGHA*01 AY039245   t2  |c4  ,c5  ,P2  |c7  ,c8  ,P3  |c10  ,c11  ,c12  ,P4  |a14  ,a15  ,K5  |t16  ,g17  ,t18  ,C6  |c19  ,c20  ,c21  ,P7  |t22  ,c23  ,a24  ,S8  |t26  ,L9  |a28  ,a29  ,K10  |
F IGHA*02 AY039246   |a15>c,K5>N|  |c20>g,P7>R|  |c23>t,S8>L|
F IGHA*03 AY039247     ,c8>a,P3>Q|                      |     ,a15>g,    |t16>c,g17>c,     ,C6>P|c19>t,c20>g,     ,P7>C|     ,c23>t,     ,S8>L|
F IGHA*04 AY039248                                          |c10>a,c11>t,     ,P4>I|a14>c,     ,K5>T|t16>c,g17>c,t18>c,C6>P|           ,c21>a,    |     ,c23>g,a24>t,S8>C|t26>c,L9>P|a28>t,a29>c,K10>S|
F IGHA*05 AY039249                                          |c10>a,c11>t,     ,P4>I|a14>c,     ,K5>T|t16>c,g17>c,t18>c,C6>P|           ,c21>a,    |     ,c23>g,a24>t,S8>C|t26>c,L9>P|a28>t,a29>c,K10>S|
F IGHA*06 AY039250                                                                 |     ,a15>c,K5>N|                      |     ,c20>g,     ,P7>R|     ,c23>t,     ,S8>L|
F IGHA*07 AY039251 +          |c4>t,    ,P2>S|    ,c8>a,P3>Q|c10>a,           ,P4>T|     ,a15>g,    |t16>c,g17>c,     ,C6>P|c19>t,c20>g,     ,P7>C|     ,c23>t,     ,S8>L|
F IGHA*08 AY039252            |c4>t,    ,P2>S|    ,c8>a,P3>Q|c10>a,           ,P4>T|     ,a15>g,    |t16>c,g17>c,     ,C6>P|c19>t,c20>g,     ,P7>C|     ,c23>t,     ,S8>L|
F IGHA*09 AB013768                                                                 |     ,a15>c,K5>N|     ,g17>c,     ,C6>S|c19>t,c20>g,     ,P7>C|     ,c23>t,     ,S8>L|
F IGHA*10 AB013769            |c4>t,    ,P2>S|c7>g,c8>a,P3>E|c10>a,           ,P4>T|     ,a15>g,    |t16>c,g17>c,     ,C6>P|c19>t,c20>g,     ,P7>C|     ,c23>t,     ,S8>L|
F IGHA*11 AB013767                                          |c10>a,c11>t,     ,P4>I|a14>c,     ,K5>T|t16>c,g17>c,t18>c,C6>P|           ,c21>a,    |     ,c23>g,a24>t,S8>C|t26>c,L9>P|a28>t,a29>c,K10>S|
F IGHA*12 AB013757   c8>a,P>Q|              |a15>g                      |     ,t16>c,g17>c,C6>P  |c19>t,c20>g,P7>C|;  |c23>t,S8>L|
F IGHA*13 AB013761   t2>g|c4>a,c5>tP2>I|         |c12>t|     |a14>c,a15>c,K54>T|t16>c,g17>c,t18>a,C6>P|c19>a,c20>t,P7>I|t22>c,S8>P|     |a28>c,a29>c,K10>P|
(F) IGHA*14 AY294614   |c10>a,c11>t,P4>I|  |a14>c,K5>T|  |t16>c,g17>c,t8>c,C6>P|  |c21>a|  |c23>g,a24>t,S8>C|  |t26>c,L9>P|  |a28>t,a29>c,K10>S|
(F) IGHA*15 AY294616   |c4>t,P2>S|  |c8>a,P3>Q|  |c10>a,P4>T|;  |a15>g|t16>c,g17>c,C6>P|c19>t,c20>g,     ,P7>C|c23>t,           ,S8>L|
(F) IGHA*16 AY294617   a15>c,K5>N|  |g17>c,C6>S|  |c19>t,c20>g,     ,P7>C|c23>t,S8>L|
(F) IGHA*17 AY294618   a15>c,K5>N|  |c20>g,P7>R|  |c23>t,S8>L|
(F) IGHA*18 AY294620   |c10>a,c11>t,P4>I|  |a14>c,K5>T|  |t16>c,g17>c,t8>c,C6>P|  |c21>a|  |c23>g,a24>t,S8>C|  |t26>c,L9>P|  |a28>t,a29>c,K10>S|
(F) IGHA*19 AY294621   a15>c,K5>N|  |g17>c,C6>S|  |c19>t,c20>g,     ,P7>C|c23>t,S8>L|
(F) IGHA*20 AY294623  
CH2 F IGHA*01 AY039245   t3.2  |g1.1  ,a2.1  ,c3.1  ,D1.1  |a1  ,a3  ,K1  |g8  |g15  |g24  |g27  |c43.1  |c51  |g54  |a57  |c63  |c73  |c78  |g86  ,R29  |g88  ,D30  |a118  ,T40  |g247  ,E83  |a251  ,H84  |c265  |c279  |t299  ,V100  |c308  ,T103  |c314  ,t315  ,T105  |g319  ,g321  ,E107  |g328  ,E110  |g340  ,E114  |a347  ,a348  ,Q116  |t354  |
F IGHA*02 AY039246                                                                           |c43.1>t|c51>a|     |a57>g|                                         |a118>g,T40>A|                                                     |c308>a,T103>N|                    |g319>a,g321>t,E107>N|             |g340>a,E114>K|a347>c,      ,Q116>P|
F IGHA*03 AY039247                                                         |g15>a|     |g27>a|c43.1>t|c51>a|g54>a|a57>g|                                                                                       |c279>t|                                                                     |g239>c,E110>Q|g340>a,E114>K|a347>c,      ,Q116>P|
F IGHA*04 AY039248   t3.2>c|g1.1>t,a2.1>g,      ,D1.1>C|a1>g,a3>g,K1>E|                      |c43.1>t|c51>a|g54>a|a57>g|           |c78>a|g86>a,R29>K|                        |g247>a,E83>K|a251>g,H84>R|             |t299>a,V100>E|                                  |g319>a,g321>t,E107>N|                           |      ,a348>g,Q116>P|t354>c|
F IGHA*05 AY039249   t3.2>c|g1.1>t,a2.1>g,      ,D1.1>C|a1>g,a3>g,K1>E|                      |c43.1>t|c51>a|g54>a|a57>g|           |c78>a|                                    |g247>a,E83>K|a251>g,H84>R|c265>t|      |t299>a,V100>E|                                  |g319>a,g321>t,E107>N|                           |      ,a348>g,Q116>P|t354>c|
F IGHA*06 AY039250   a57>g                                                                                            |a57>g|                                         |a118>g,T40>A|                                                     |c308>a,T103>N|                    |g319>a,g321>t,E107>N|        |g340>a,E114>K|a347>c,      ,Q116>P|
F IGHA*07 AY039251 +       |             ,c3.1>t,      |a1>g,    ,K1>E|          |g24>a|g27>a|                   |a57>g|                                                      |g247>a,E83>K|a251>g,H84>R|                                         |c314>a,t315>a,T105>K|                                                |a347>c,      ,Q116>P|
F IGHA*08 AY039252         |             ,c3.1>t,      |a1>g,    ,K1>E|          |g24>a|g27>a|                   |a57>g|c63>a|                                                |g247>a,E83>K|a251>g,H84>R|                                         |c314>a,t315>a,T105>K|                                                |a347>c,      ,Q116>P|
F IGHA*09 AB013768         |             ,c3.1>t,      |a1>g,    ,K1>E|          |g24>a|g27>a|                   |a57>g|
F IGHA*10 AB013769                                                         |g15>a|                   |c51>a|g54>a|a57>g|                             |g88>a,D30>N|
F IGHA*11 AB013767   t3.2>c|g1.1>t,a2.1>g,      ,D1.1>C|a1>g,a3>g,K1>E|                              |c51>a|g54>a|a57>g|     |c73>t|c78>a|g86>a,R29>K|
F IGHA*12 AB013757                                                    |g8>a|
F IGHA*13 AB013761   t3.2>c|g1.1>t,a2.1>g,      ,D1.1>C|a1>g,a3>g,K1>E|                                                 
(F) IGHA*14 AY294614   t3.2>c|g1.1>t,a2.1>g,      ,D1.1>C|a1>g,a3>g,K1>E|                              |c51>a|g54>a|a57>g|           |c78>a|g86>a,R29>K|                                                                |t299>a,V100>E|                                   |g319>a,g321>tE107>N|                           |       ,a348>g,Q116>P|t354>c|
(F) IGHA*15 AY294616                       ,c3.1>t,      |a1>g,    ,K1>E|          |g24>a|g27>a|c43.1>t|c51>a|g54>a|
(F) IGHA*16 AY294617                       ,c3.1>t,      |    ,a3>g,    |
(F) IGHA*17 AY294618                                     |    ,a3>g,    |
(F) IGHA*18 AY294620          |g1.1>t,a2.1>g,     ,D1.1>C|a1>g,a3>g,K1>E|                      |c43.1>t|
(F) IGHA*19 AY294621   c3.1>t|                           |a1>g,    ,K1>E|          |g24>a|g27>a|c43.1>t|c51>a|g54>a|
(F) IGHA*20 AY294623                                                                           |c43.1>t|c51>a|g54>a|
CH3(including CHS) F IGHA*01 AY039245   g3.2  |g60  |c108  |g135.1  |c133.3  ,L45.3  |a252.1  ,K84.1  |g267  |c345  |
F IGHA*02 AY039246                               |c133.3>g,L45.3>V|                       |c345>a|
F IGHA*03 AY039247         |g60>a|
F IGHA*04 AY039248         |g60>a|
F IGHA*05 AY039249   g3.2>a|            |g135.1>a|                                 |g267>t|
F IGHA*06 AY039250                               |c133.3>g,L45.3>V|
F IGHA*07 AY039251   g3.2>a| 
F IGHA*08 AY039252   g3.2>a| 
(F) IGHA*14 AY294614   g3.2>a|     |c108>t|g135.1>a|                 |a252.1>c,K84.1>Q| 
IGHD CH1 (F) IGHD*01 DQ297181    
(F) IGHD*02 DQ297180    
H1 (F) IGHD*01 DQ297181    
(F) IGHD*02 DQ297180    
H2 (F) IGHD*01 DQ297181    
(F) IGHD*02 DQ297180    
CH2 (F) IGHD*01 DQ297181    
(F) IGHD*02 DQ297180    
CH3(including CHS) (F) IGHD*01 DQ297181   t252.3
(F) IGHD*02 DQ297180   t252.3>c
IGHG1 CH1 F IGHG1*01 NW_001121238    
F IGHG1*02 AY292507    
(F) IGHG1*03 AF045537    
F IGHG1*04 AF300439    
H F IGHG1*01 NW_001121238   a52  ,a54  ,P18|
F IGHG1*02 AY292507  
(F) IGHG1*03 AF045537   c52>a,a54>c,P18>T
F IGHG1*04 AF300439   a52>c,c54>a,T18>P|a55>c|
CH2 F IGHG1*01 NW_001121238   g1.6  ,c2.6  ,a3.6  ,A1.6|a66|t132|
F IGHG1*02 AY292507  
(F) IGHG1*03 AF045537   g1.6>a,c2.6>g,a1.6>c,A1.6>S|t132>c|
F IGHG1*04 AF300439   a66>g|t132>c
CH3(including CHS) F IGHG1*01 NW_001121238   g367
F IGHG1*02 AY292507  
(F) IGHG1*03 AF045537   g367>c
F IGHG1*04 AF300439  
M1 F IGHG1*01 NW_001121238    
M2 F IGHG1*01 NW_001121238    
IGHG2 CH1 F IGHG2*01 AY292519   c56  ,g57  ,A19|c90  
F IGHG2*02 AY292514   c90>t
F IGHG2*03 AY292517    
F IGHG2*04 AY292518    
(F) IGHG2*05 AF045539   c56>g,g57>c,A19>G|
F IGHG2*06 AF300440    
H F IGHG2*01 AY292519    
F IGHG2*02 AY292514    
F IGHG2*03 AY292517    
F IGHG2*04 AY292518    
(F) IGHG2*05 AF045539    
F IGHG2*06 AF300440    
CH2 F IGHG2*01 AY292519   g6  |a66  |c255.1  
F IGHG2*02 AY292514   a66>g|c255.1>t
F IGHG2*03 AY292517   a66>g
F IGHG2*04 AY292518   g6>a|a66>g
(F) IGHG2*05 AF045539   g6>a|a66>g
F IGHG2*06 AF300440   g6>a
CH3(including CHS) F IGHG2*01 AY292519   c28  ,P10  |g34  ,E12  |c249
F IGHG2*02 AY292514   c28>t,P10>S
F IGHG2*03 AY292517   c249>t
F IGHG2*04 AY292518   c249>t
(F) IGHG2*05 AF045539   g34>a,E12>K|c249>t
IGHG3 CH1 F IGHG3*01 AY292512    
(F) IGHG3*02 AY292511   c12
F IGHG3*03 AY292508    
F IGHG3*04 AY292510    
F IGHG3*05 AF045538   c12>y
F IGHG3*06 AF300438    
H F IGHG3*01 AY292512    
(F) IGHG3*02 AF045538    
F IGHG3*03 AY292508    
F IGHG3*04 AY292510    
F IGHG3*05 AY292511    
F IGHG3*06 AF300438    
CH2 F IGHG3*01 AY292512   c3.3  |t45.2  |g66  |a250.1  
(F) IGHG3*02 AF045538   c3.3>t|t45.2|g66>a
F IGHG3*03 AY292508   t45.2|g66>a
F IGHG3*04 AY292510   t45.2|g66>a
F IGHG3*05 AY292511   a250.1>g,g251.1>a,R84.1>E
F IGHG3*06 AF300438   g66>a
CH3(including CHS) F IGHG3*01 AY292512   a243  |g252
(F) IGHG3*02 AF045538  
F IGHG3*03 AY292508   a243>c
F IGHG3*04 AY292510   a243>c|g252>a
F IGHG3*05 AY292511  
IGHG4 CH1 F IGHG4*01 AY292520   g9  |g262  ,V88  |
F IGHG4*02 AY292522   g9>a|g262>a,V88>M|
F IGHG4*03 AY292523  
F IGHG4*04 AY292525  
H F IGHG4*01 AY292520   c22  ,P8  
F IGHG4*02 AY292522  
F IGHG4*03 AY292523   c22>g,P8>A
F IGHG4*04 AY292525   c22>g,P8>A
CH2 F IGHG4*01 AY292520   g6  |g129  |t134.1  ,V45.1  |c134.4  |a229  ,N77  |a240  |g246  |t255.2  |t255.1  |
F IGHG4*02 AY292522  
F IGHG4*03 AY292523   g6>a|g129>a|t134.1>c,V45.1>A|c134.4>c|a229>c,N77>H|a240>g|g246>a|t255.2>c|t255.1>c
F IGHG4*04 AY292525   c134.4>c|a229>c,N77>H|a240>g|g246>a|t255.2>c|t255.1>c
CH3(including CHS) F IGHG4*01 AY292520   g243
F IGHG4*02 AY292522  
F IGHG4*03 AY292523   g243>c
F IGHG4*04 AY292525   g243>a
IGHM CH1 (F) IGHM*01 AF046784   t11,t12|c15|c16,P6|t20,c21,L7|g22,t23,c24,V8|t25,c26,S9|t28,g29,t30,C10|g31,a32,g33,E11|a34,N12|g65,G22|a133.3,N45.3|
(P) IGHM*02 NW_001121238   t11>c,t12>c|c15>t|c16>t,P6>S|t20>c,c21>t,L7>P|g22>c,t23>g,c24>t,V8>R|t25>c,c26>t,S9>L|t28>c,g29>t,t30>g,C10>L|g31>t,a32>g,g33>a,E11>STOP_CODON|a34>g,N12>D|g65>t,G22>V|a133.3>g,N45.3>D|
CH2 (F) IGHM*01 AF046784  
(P) IGHM*02 NW_001121238    
CH3 (F) IGHM*01 AF046784   t108  ,S36  |t255.1
(P) IGHM*02 NW_001121238   t108>g,S36>R|t255.1>c
CH4(including CHS) (F) IGHM*01 AF046784   c243
(P) IGHM*02 NW_001121238   c243>t
M1 (F) IGHM*01 AF046784    

Created: 04/11/2002
Author:Saida Saljoqi, Nathalie Bosc

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