Table of alleles: Human IGKV

Print of this table: Barbié, V. and Lefranc, M.-P., Exp. Clin. Immunogenet., 15, 171-183 (1998). PMID:9813414

The IMGT allele table refers to the V-REGION polymorphism. It does not include polymorphisms in the other parts of the V-GENE. V-REGION alleles are only described for genes which have at least one Functional or ORF allele. The accession number of a reference sequence is given for each allele.

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gene name
allele name
Accession number Confirmed
by genetics
and/or data
Description of mutations
1 IGKV1-5 F IGKV1-5*01 Z00001 +
c65  , T22  |g166  ,t168  ,D56  |c171  |c174  |g201  |
F IGKV1-5*02 M23851  
c65>t, T22>I|
F IGKV1-5*03 X72813  
IGKV1-6 F IGKV1-6*01 M64858 +  
IGKV1-8 F IGKV1-8*01 Z00014    
IGKV1D-8 F IGKV1D-8*01 Z00008 +  
IGKV1-9 F IGKV1-9*01 Z00013 +  
IGKV1-12 F IGKV1-12*01 V01577 +
            |c334  |
IGKV1D-12 F IGKV1D-12*01 X17263 +
t30  |t270  |c334  |
IGKV1-12/IGKV1D-12 (1) F IGKV1-12*02/1D-12*02 V01576  
	    |c334>t| (if IGKV1-12*02)

t30>c|t270>c|c334>t| (if IGKV1D-12*02)
IGKV1-13 P IGKV1-13*01 Z00010 +
a123  ,*41  |a326  ,N109  |
F IGKV1-13*02 Z00006  
IGKV1D-13 F IGKV1D-13*01 X17262  
            |a326  ,N109  |
IGKV1-16 F IGKV1-16*01 J00248  
g224  ,R75  |
[F] IGKV1-16*02 FM164406  
IGKV1D-16 F IGKV1D-16*01 K01323 +
t78  ,S26  |
F IGKV1D-16*02 V00558 +
IGKV1-17 F IGKV1-17*01 X72808 +
g278   ,S93   | 
F IGKV1-17*02 D88255  
g278>a ,S93>N |
IGKV1D-17 F IGKV1D-17*01 X63392  
a1  ,N1  |a155  ,H52  |
[F] IGKV1D-17*02 FM164407  
IGKV1-27 F IGKV1-27*01 X63398 +  
IGKV1-33 F IGKV1-33*01 M64856 +  
IGKV1D-33 F IGKV1D-33*01 M64855 +  
IGKV1-37 ORF IGKV1-37*01 X59316    
IGKV1D-37 ORF IGKV1D-37*01 X71893    
IGKV1-39 F IGKV1-39*01 X59315 +
c29  ,S10  |c306  |a315  |c316  ,a317  ,g318  ,Q106  |a319  ,S107  |c330  |
P IGKV1-39*02 X59318  
IGKV1D-39 F IGKV1D-39*01 X59312    
IGKV1D-42 ORF IGKV1D-42*01 X72816    
IGKV1D-43 F IGKV1D-43*01 X72817 +  
2 IGKV2-24 F IGKV2-24*01 X12684 +  
IGKV2D-24 ORF IGKV2D-24*01 X63401 +  
IGKV2-28 F IGKV2-28*01 X63397    
IGKV2D-28 F IGKV2D-28*01 X12691 +  
IGKV2-29 P IGKV2-29*01 X63396 +
g159  |a312  ,*104  |
F IGKV2-29*02 U41645  
F IGKV2-29*03 AJ783437  
IGKV2D-29 F IGKV2D-29*01 M31952 +
c145  ,P49  |
F(2) IGKV2D-29*02 U41644  
IGKV2-30 F IGKV2-30*01 X63403 +
t91  ,Y31  |
[F] IGKV2-30*02 FM164408  
IGKV2D-30 F IGKV2D-30*01 X63402 +  
IGKV2-40 F IGKV2-40*01 X59314  
c120  |g123  ,W41  |g233  ,G78  |
F IGKV2-40*02 X59317  
IGKV2D-40 F IGKV2D-40*01 X59311    
3 IGKV3-7 ORF IGKV3-7*01 X02725  
a118  ,T40  |t126  |c141  |g147  |a208  ,S70  |c571  ,T85  |c322  ,H108  |
ORF IGKV3-7*02 X72812  
a118>t,T40>S|t126>c|c141>g|g147>t|a208>g,S70>G|            |c322>t,H108>Y|
ORF IGKV3-7*03 K02769  
[ORF] IGKV3-7*04 FM164409  
IGKV3D-7 F IGKV3D-7*01 X72820 +  
IGKV3-11 F IGKV3-11*01 X01668 +
c568  ,T85  |
F IGKV3-11*02 K02768 +
IGKV3D-11 F IGKV3D-11*01 X17264 +  
IGKV3-15 F IGKV3-15*01 M23090 +  
IGKV3D-15 F IGKV3D-15*01 X72815 +
c14  ,T5  |g330  ,W110  |
P IGKV3D-15*02 M23091  
IGKV3-20 F IGKV3-20*01 X12686 +
g15  |g26  ,G9  |a221  ,c222  ,D74  |g303  |
F IGKV3-20*02 L37729  
IGKV3D-20 F IGKV3D-20*01 X12687 +  
4 IGKV4-1 F IGKV4-1*01 Z00023 +  
5 IGKV5-2 F IGKV5-2*01 X02485    
6 IGKV6-21 ORF IGKV6-21*01 X63399    
IGKV6D-21 ORF IGKV6D-21*01 X12683 +  
IGKV6D-41 ORF IGKV6D-41*01 M27751 (3) +  

IMGT notes:
(1) Sequences which could not be assigned to the proximal or to the distal V-CLUSTER gene have been aligned with sequences of both genes. Both allele designation resulting from this alignment are given, separated by a dash, and mutation description is given by comparison to allele *01 of both genes.
Ex: Sequence Z00006 is designated as IGKV1-13*02/1D-13*02.
(2) An ORF sequence also exists for this V-REGION allele, due to a non-canonical heptamer.
(3) In EMBL, a new accession number M27751 was created, the original accession number X12688 becoming secondary accession number of M27751.

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