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IMGT RPI entry from gene to protein for Homo sapiens B2M

Citing IMGT RPI entry for B2M

Duprat, E. et al. IMGT standardization for alleles and mutations of the V-LIKE-DOMAINs and C-LIKE-DOMAINs of the immunoglobulin superfamily, Recent Research Developments in Human Genetics, 2, 111-136 (2004) pdf with permission from Research Signpost

IMGT gene name and definition

Chromosomal localization

Gene exon/intron organization

B2M Gene exon/intron organization


Number of alleles: 2

IMGT reference alleles

Allele name Gene functionality IMGT reference sequences
Clone names Accession numbers Molecule type
B2M*01 (1) F AB021288 cDNA (2)
B2M*02 (1) F EX1 : M17986 gDNA
EX2-EX3 : M17987

IMGT reference sequences (in FASTA format) for the allele(s): B2M*01 (1) to B2M*02 (1)

Other sequences from the literature

Allele name Gene functionality IMGT sequences from the literature
Clone names Accession numbers Molecule type
B2M*01 F AF072097 cDNA
NM_004048 cDNA
BC032589 cDNA
CR457066 cDNA
BC064910 cDNA

Corresponding protein database accession numbers

Allele name Accession numbers Number of amino acids Protein isoform
Nucleotide databases Protein databases
B2M*01 AB021288 P61769 119 aa
B2M*02 EX1 : M17986 119 aa
EX2-EX3 : M17987
IMGT notes:
  1. (1) The two alleles differ by two nucleotides in EX1 (c59>g, t60>c, A20>G) and one nucleotide in EX2. c155>a (corresponding to c89>a, P30>Q in the IMGT unique numbering for C-DOMAIN and C-LIKE-DOMAIN).
  2. (2) Wrongly described as gDNA in the flat file.

Genomic sequence

Coding region sequence

The coding region (CODING-REGION) sequence starts from INIT-CODON (or its encoded amino acid) to STOP-CODON (not included).
The nucleotide sequence is extracted from cDNA (c) sequences and/or is built by artificial exon joining from genomic DNA (g) sequences. The amino acid sequence is the translation of the nucleotide sequence.

B2M*01: AB021288(c)

Nucleotide sequence

1        atgtctcgct ccgtggcctt agctgtgctc gcgctactct ctctttctgg cctggaggct

61       atccagcgta ctccaaagat tcaggtttac tcacgtcatc cagcagagaa tggaaagtca

121      aatttcctga attgctatgt gtctgggttt catccatccg acattgaagt tgacttactg

181      aagaatggag agagaattga aaaagtggag cattcagact tgtctttcag caaggactgg

241      tctttctatc tcttgtacta cactgaattc acccccactg aaaaagatga gtatgcctgc

301      cgtgtgaacc atgtgacttt gtcacagccc aagatagtta agtgggatcg agacatgtaa
Nucleotide sequence in FASTA format (without gaps) B2M*01

Amino acid sequence


Amino acid sequence in FASTA format (without gap) B2M*01