UPDATE of April 2005

The reference sequence for IGKV2D-26*01 is AP001216 (functional) (instead of X12689 that has a sequencing error resulting in a frameshift).

IGKV2-NL1 has been identified as IGKV2D-26*02, based on sequence similarity.

The reference sequences of the functional IGKV2D-26*01 (AP001216) and IGKV2D-26*02 (Z27499) have been added to the IGKV reference directory as well as the other functional not localized genes (IGKV1-NL1*01, IGKV3-NL1*01, IGKV3-NL2*01, IGKV3-NL3*01, IGKV3-NL4*01, IGKV3-NL5*01).