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Lineage (1) Serological family (1) Serological marker (2) Alleles (2) Number of alleles (2)
HLA-A2 A2 A2 A*020101; A*020102; A*020103; A*020104; A*020105; A*0202; A*0204; A*0205; A*0206; A*0207; A*0208; A*0209; A*0211; A*0212; A*0213; A*0214; A*0216; A*021701; A*021702; A*0218; A*022001; A*022002; A*0221; A*0222; A*0224; A*0225; A*0229; A*0231; A*0234; A*0241; A*0242; A*0246; A*0250; 33
A203 A*0203; 1
A210 A*0210; 1
A28 A28 A*680301; A*680302; A*6812; 3
A68(28) A*680101; A*680102; A*6802; A*6804; A*6805; A*6808; A*6816; 7
A69(28) A*6901; 1
A10 A10 A*2502; A*2610; A*6603; 3
A25 A*2501; 1
A26 A*2601; A*2602; A*2603; A*2604; A*2605; A*2606; A*2607; A*2608; A*2609; 9
A34 A*3401; A*3402; 2
A43 (3) A*4301; 1
A66 A*6601; A*6602; 2
A19 A29 A*29010101; A*2902; 2
A30 A*3001; A*3002; A*3003; A*3004; A*3011; 5
A31 A*310102; A*3104; A*3105; 3
A32 A*3201; A*3202; 2
A33 A*3301; A*3303; A*3305; 3
A74 A*7401; A*7402; A*7403; A*7406; 4
A30 A30 A*3001; A*3002; A*3003; A*3004; A*3011; 5
HLA-A3 A1 A1 A*010101; A*0102; A*0103; A*0107; A*0108; 5
A3 A3 A*030101; A*030102; A*030103; A*0302; A*0304; A*0305; 6
A9 A9 A*2422; 1
A23 A*2301; 1
A24 A*24020101; A*240202; A*240203; A*2404; A*2405; A*2406; A*2407; A*2408; A*2413; A*2414; A*2423; 11
A2403 (4) A*240301; A*240302; A*2410; A*2433; 4
A11 A11 A*110101; A*110102; A*1102; A*1103; A*1104; A*1105; A*1107; A*1110; A*1112; A*1113; 10
A36 A36 A*3601; A*3603; 2
A80 A80 A*8001; 1
IMGT notes:
(1) Based on phylogenetic relationship of exons, HLA serological families can be grouped into two major lineages: the HLA-A2 lineage which comprises the A2/A28, A10 and A19 families; and the HLA-A3 lineage which consists of the A9, A80, A1/A36, A3, A11 and A30 families [1]
(2) Correspondence between HLA serological families and alleles and number of alleles were deduced from [2]
(3) The serological marker A43 has been included in the A10 family based on sequences from [1]. Polymorphisms in the introns: MHC-I-Alpha HLA-A.
(4) The serological marker A2403 has been included in the A9 family based on sequences from [1]. Polymorphisms in the introns: MHC-I-Alpha HLA-A.
[1] Elsner, H-A et al., Immunogenetics, 54, 447-462 (2002).
[2] Marsh S.G.E et al. Tissue Antigens, 60, 407-464 (2002).