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The genomic organization of the HLA-DR genes, in the human MHC locus on chromosome 6p21.3, is displayed with the DR serological families which are encoded by the HLA-DRB3/4/5 gene and the HLA-DRB1 gene, respectively.

Examples of HLA-DR3/4/5 and HLA-DRB1 alleles found in the different HLA-DR haplotypes are indicated below the gene representations.

The localization of the HLA-DR genes is from position 2693617 (HLA-DRA 5' end) to position 2820421 (HLA-DRB1 3' end), on chromosome 6p21.3, according to IMGT/GeneSearch, IMGT/GeneView, IMGT/LocusView, based on the Sanger MHC list of May 2000 (complete sequencing of the locus).
The MHC Haplotype Project will allow to specify the positions of the HLA-DR genes in different haplotypes .

DR serological families encoded by the HLA-DRB3/4/5 alleles DR serological families encoded by the HLA-DRB1 alleles Genomic organization (on chromosome 6p21.3) (1)
Telomeric model Centromeric
none DR8 DR8
none DR1, 10, 103 DR1
DR51 DR2, 15, 16 DR51
DR52 DR3, 17, 18
DR5, 11, 12
DR6, 13, 14, 1403, 1404
DR53 DR4

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IMGT note:
(1) Pseudogenes are not shown in the genomic organization displayed in the table header.
[1] Chida S. et al., Immunogenetics, 52, 186-194 (2001) PMID: 11220620
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