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Nomenclature and overview of the human T cell receptor genes.

Editors: Marie-Paule Lefranc and Gérard Lefranc (Université de Montpellier, CNRS, Montpellier, France).

  1. How many TRA, TRB, TRG and TRD genes in the human genome? Where are they localized?


  2. What is the organization of the human TRA, TRB TRG and TRD loci?


  3. How many functional TR genes? What is the expressed TR repertoire?


  4. How to make 104 TcR-Alpha, 108 TcR-Beta, 104 TcR-Gamma and 108 TcR-Delta chains? (2.1012 different T cell receptors)


  5. What is the structure of a T cell receptor and its different chains?


  6. Are all the human TR genes known? How to analyse expressed variable TR genes?